Toba Supervolcano

It is a volcanic eruption of the most powerful ever known on planet Earth. And nearly wipe out generations of mankind on planet Earth.
73,000 years ago Supervolcano eruption of Indonesia's nearly destroyed the entire human race. Only a few have survived. And after the Tsunami Volcano In Indonesia became active once again and threatens humanity.
This eruption can not be compared with anything that has been experienced on earth since the time when humans could walk upright. Compared with the supervolcano Toba, Krakatau even that caused ten thousand deaths in 1883 is just a small burp.
As already known by scientists, Toba nearly exterminate the human race 73,000 years lalu.Bersamaan with huge tsunami waves, there are 2800 cubic kilometers of ash is removed, which spread throughout our planet's atmosphere.
Although Toba is still far away and safe sleeping under a big sea that bears the same name in North Sumatra. many people are afraid if one day the active volcano in the Gutters is located 300 kilometers south of the Toba eruption, could awaken the sleeping giant