Indonesia Volcano

JAKARTA-Head of Central Investigation and Technology Development Kegunungapian (BPPTK) Yogyakarta, Subandriyo, said the hot clouds is still a major threat to people living near Mount Merapi. "The status of Mount Merapi is still alert and hot clouds still a threat and we ask that people are alert to the activities of Mount Merapi on Saturday (16/10/2010). Not only that, he also asked people not to do mining activities in the vicinity of rivers that disgorge to Mount Merapi. However, she admitted that she had not seen the visual symptoms. Similarly when the eruption of Mount Merapi is going to happen. But he explains this far SetIP day of volcanic earthquake occurred 200 times. To know when an eruption will occur, he is still using these methods is the reference kegunungan and not based on natural phenomena such as animal behavior. And to avoid any casualties it had to coordinate with local governments (Local Government) to promote local facilities and infrastructure. "We are also working with NGOs specializing in disaster management issues," he concluded. (CRL)