Do not Fear Vacation to Yogyakarta

YOGYAKARTA - Merapi volcano eruption event was quite an impact on the number of tourists in Yogyakarta. Therefore, the tourists are asked not to be afraid to vacation in the city Gudeg.

"Yogyakarta safe. That is not secure just 20 kilometers from Mount Merapi. So do not be afraid to visit Yogyakarta, "said the Governor of Yogyakarta Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono X in Yogyakarta on Thursday (11/11/2010).

According to him, all the major tourist attractions in Yogyakarta until now fairly secure. He appealed to the people who are in the area of tourism to calm down and run the activity as usual.

"I hope people calm. For the tourists, I say welcome in Yogyakarta, "he said.

Sultan also said the current activity of Mount Merapi has been declining. He hoped, no activity after this.

"I ask the Department of Public Works and Health Department in order to maintain water quality and health conditions of refugees. Tomorrow should be socialized, "said Sultan.