Railway from Lempuyangan Free

Jogja- PT Kereta Api Operating Region VI Yogyakarta from Sunday (7 / 11) eliminate the economy-class train ticket for departure to various objectives of the station Lempuyangan Yogyakarta. "This policy is a form of concern over the catastrophic eruption of Mount Merapi and the number of refugees both students and residents intending away from Yogyakarta, "said the Head of Public Relations of PT KA Daops VI Yogyakarta, Eko Budiyanto as quoted by Antara. According to him, these free tickets to KA Economics Kahuripan goal Bandung, Surabaya Sri Tanjung purposes, and all the economic train depart from the station Lempuyangan Yogyakarta. "Prospective passengers pretty bleak show ID cards and identity can choose economy class train according to the city that will be addressed, " he said. He said the policy of free tickets will run until Mount Merapi conditions return to normal and safe situation. "We hope the community can use this service, while for our business class to add two series of special trains Racing Station Solo and Yogyakarta Tugu Station respectively attracted 10 cars,