CONSTANTLY DECREASING INTENSITY MERAPI eruption; Radius Immediate Hazards Evaluated

YOGYA - Mount Merapi eruption activity showed a tendency to decrease, so does the intensity. Indications of this decline appears from the results of seismic monitoring, visual and deformation on Thursday (18/11). Seeing these positive developments, the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources Geological Agency within the next few days will evaluate the danger area radius of the Merapi eruption in 4 districts. The Center for Volcanology and Geological Hazard Mitigation (PVMBG) Geological Agency of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources Dr Surono said, from the deformation monitoring, which measures the tiltmeter kempisnya mountain flowers showed no significant inflation. The measurement results of global positioning system (GPS) tend deflection, which means that under the Merapi area tends to shrink. This indicates the absence of a deeper magma supply. "From the seismic character, it seems there is no indication of magma has begun to lack of pressure. Tremor amplitude decreased, volcanic earthquakes also tend to decrease. Of all the parameters, it is clear there are signs of decreased activity of Merapi. But we're still going to monitor deformation, whether there will again supply of new magma, "said Surono in the Office of Investigation and Technology Development Center Kegunungapian (BPPTK) Yogyakarta, on Thursday night. In recent days, the height of smoke less, only around 1,000 to 2,000 meters from the peak of Merapi. According to Surono, it shows the danger of diminishing the Merapi eruption. Therefore, in the next few days, it will evaluate the danger area radius of Merapi eruption. "Seeing the decline in intensity and activity, and also reduced the threat of eruption danger, I think there will be downsizing the danger area radius. In the next few days will be evaluated, "he explained. With magma fluid pressure is not significant, Surono expect a stable lava dome will be formed. "Currently there is a dome, but not significant. Not too wide crater to the south, so that the dome might * be continued page 7 col 4 is not stable and likely still will be no avalanches to the south. The rate of dome growth is relatively slow, less magma quickly piled on top, "he said. He warned that the status of Merapi still remains Watch out, because there is earthquake activity and volcanic tremor streak despite a declining trend. Meanwhile, the number of refugees Merapi eruption that was treated in hospital continues to grow. Generally they became ill due to changes in weather and poor environmental conditions. A total of 6 people Merapi eruption victims being treated at Bethesda Hospital died. Head of Public Relations and Marketing for Bethesda Hospital, Nour KR Sukawati SE to Thursday revealed, until now it was treating 72 victims of the Merapi eruption. Of these 6 people died, 15 people hospitalized, 29 outpatients and 22 are allowed to go home because it has been declared cured by a doctor. "The victim died of burns patients was 4 and 2 refugees. Until now there are two burn victims who were treated intensively. The condition of the burn victims are easy to change but now starting to improve, "he said. According to Nur, 6 people dead is not all transferred to this hospital as requested by the family for burial. All six victims died is Pujomiyono (60), Wakijan (40), Mahmudi (30), Sri Lestari (60), Sarju Budi Raharjo (63) and Mardi Wiyono (81).