A More NATO Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan

An American-led coalition soldier has been killed in recent clashes in southern Afghanistan, NATO said in a statement. NATO said the latest death of coalition troops are making 12-led forces have been killed in Afghanistan during the last three days. in that statement did not disclose the exact location of the origin country and the soldiers were killed. At least 457 foreign soldiers, nearly half of them were from America, have been killed since the beginning of this year. There are 141 000 foreign troops, mainly Americans, involved in the invasion of Afghanistan. The security situation continued to deteriorate in Afghanistan by coalition troops killed by Taliban militants, showed a rise. According to official figures, more than 2,000 U.S. soldiers had been leaders killed in Afghanistan so far. Increasing the number of troop casualties in Afghanistan has caused widespread anger in the U.S. and other NATO member countries, to reduce public support for the continuation of war in Afghanistan.