Make sure the DNA tests Hitler Jewish Descent

DNA tests revealed that the German Nazi leader Adolf Hitler had Jewish blood and the possibility of blacks. Two races are exactly what he wanted destroyed during World War II.
Knack magazine published in Brussels claiming that the DNA obtained from relatives of Hitler in the United States has led to the discovery.
Journalist Jean-Paul Mulders serviette collect DNA from one of three descendants of Hitler who lived on Long Island, New York.
The effort was in the beginning of this year tracking fruit to Austria and found that a farmer, Norbert H. was a cousin of the German dictator.
Mulders historian Marc Vermeeren ask for help to find a cousin of Hitler in the Waldviertel region and 39 other distant relatives of Hitler. Nazi leader's suicide in his bunker in Berlin in April 1945.
Norbert H. Mulders gives Vermeeren and his saliva sample.
Vermeeren specifically want to know whether or not the rumors about Hitler are said to be the father of a child born French peasant women during World War I.
Of DNA samples from Austria as well as napkins, Mulders relationship between two people claiming it was 'indisputable - Y-chromosomes are identical'.
However, certain forms of DNA - Haplopgroup E1b1b (Y-DNA) - is something that is rare in Germany or Western Europe.
"DNA is most often found in the Berber tribe of Morocco, Algeria, Libya and Tunisia as well as between Ashkenazi and Sephardi Jews," he said.
"From here one can make the argument that Hitler was the brother of the people he hated," Mulders said in the magazine.
E1b1b1 haplogroups, found on chromosome Y Yauhudi 18-20 percent of Ashkenazi and 8.6 to 30 percent on the Y chromosome-Sephardic, became one of the main line of Jewish descent.
Native DNA on a napkin in the U.S. is obtained from the Alexander Stuart-Houston (now age 61), grand-nephew of Hitler.
He was followed for seven days before he left the napkin which was then used Mulders and led to Hitler's relatives in Austria.
"This is a surprising result," said Ronny Decorte, a specialist in genetics.
He confirmed the test results and emphasize the possibility that Hitler has its roots from North Africa.
Knack magazine said the DNA was tested in the laboratory are strictly for getting results.