U.S. forces killed six puppets bombed

PESHAWAR - A bomb exploded in the northwestern region of Pakistan today. The explosion killed six anti-Taliban fighters and wounded five others. Attacks that struck at a checkpoint this remote place in the Mohmand region located close to the border with Afghanistan. "The explosion came from remote control devices, six anti-Taliban fighters were killed in this incident," said a senior official Mohmand, Maqsud Hasan was quoted as saying by AFP on Saturday (21/08/2010). The Pakistani government is providing money and weapons to a group of citizen volunteers who are willing to be assigned to fight the Taliban. This group is usually called by the local government under the name Peace Committee. Attack the Taliban in Pakistan continues to take place even though the country is currently affected by floods last nearly three weeks. Wednesday, August 18 and then, dozens of militants attacked a mosque and a police station in the city of Peshawar. Taliban and Al Qaeda groups alleged perpetrators of this attack, since both groups often target the police and the Pakistani army as a target of attack.