Nato: Two Coalition Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan

KABUL - Two Coalition Soldiers in Afghanistan were killed in separate battles involving firefight with Taliban groups. Meanwhile in another incident, a woman and two small children were killed in an operation to eradicate Al Qaeda today. The identity of the soldier who was killed was not announced by the NATO, considering that it is standard policy for Nato. Treaty Organization North Antlantik ensured if both died in a firefight with the Taliban in southern Afghanistan. Nato soldier deaths of two people are adding the death toll from the United States-led coalition forces (USA), a soul to 445 this year alone. While on the death of a woman and two children, Nato security force (ISAF) said both victims died from accidental. All three were killed when ISAF conduct eradication operations group Al Qaeda in the province of Farah. According to the ISAF statement Afghan security forces and coalition forces are pursuing a facilitator for the members of the foreign Taliban militants. "In this operation killed six Taliban members were killed and several others were arrested," ISAF statement quoted by AFP on Saturday (08/21/2010). "Unfortunately in this operation casualties among civilians can not be avoided. A woman with two small children also were killed in this operation. The incident happened when the coalition parties involved in the battle with the militants," said the ISAF.