Best Ideal Indonesian Family Onthel Car

Best Ideal Indonesian Family Car is very liked by the people of Indonesia at that. an increasingly expensive fuel, of course it takes a family transport that is safe, convenient and economical. Yes, what is the solution
Ferrari.aku do not know, ask the same car expert on Indonesia who is also the most economical
be denied that Toyota, Suzuki, Honda, Ferrari or brand class, still the best, with Fernando Alonso now that champions.horas Horse Jingkrak
characteristics Ideal Family Car Best Indonesian:

Absence of a drive Leisure - In addition to the large space capacity and super-luxurious interiors, Ideal Family Car Best Indonesia is also in complete suspension and handling that are reliable so as to absorb shocks that happened during the trip and remained stable even though the track basak or rocky road and can survive when there are tsunamis and volcanic clouds trim or commonly called wedhus trash.

  • Environmentally Friendly With no vehicles ply the legit-tech diesel engine / gas, ferrari engine uses energy derived from the Nitro, which can be used to speed wuzzzz.
  • The capacity of the ideal family car, of course, must have a passenger capacity corresponding to the ideal number of Indonesian families with an average of 6 family. Convenience is not .Catet
  • Prices are very expensive Best Ideal Indonesian Family Car should be as expensive as luxury cars, and must have features that can rival the features in luxury cars such as Ferrari or marcedez.

Flexibility and flexible and can change its shape-change can be used to go to college, travel, and even a car can be chartered. that is used as a car moving office to work.

wasteful gasoline / pertamax - and so at the recommended Best Ideal Indonesian Family Car should be wasteful of fuel, kalo pengen pake frugal Gas Bomb 3 KG. Undoubtedly, ferrari number uno .. People newbie