Does Obama is a Moslem?

More and more U.S. citizens who believe Obama's a Muslim. The result of the latest research shows 20% of Americans already believe Obama's a Muslim. Really? Obama's religion has been the subject of rumors that spread on the Internet since before the presidential campaign. Latest poll to identify correctly the number of people who knew Obama as Christians lived 34% of the nearly half when he entered the White House 19 months ago. White House officials are worried about the poll results and confirms Obama is a Christian. Joshua DuBois religious advisor blames "misunderstanding campaign" by opponents president. "While the president obedient and committed to their religion and Christianity, there are citizens who want to spread false news about the president's confidence," said DuBois. DuBois said the president of the Christian religion plays an important role in daily life. However, DuBois said the coverage of religion news has sunk the economic crisis, legislative battles, and other problems. As many as 60% of people who say Obama is a Muslim get knowledge from the media, where his opinions are formed from the wrong information. This attitude may be caused by people less and less interested in Obama. In the Pew poll, 41% residents refuse to acknowledge Obama's performance as compared with 26% in the polls in March 2009. More than a third of conservative Republicans say Obama's a Muslim, almost double the percentage of early last year. Independence Party today also tend to see the U.S. president as a Muslim, where 18% say he is a Muslim, an increase of 8%. Figures that appear over Obama and the Democratic effort to minimize the potential impact of the presidential statement on Friday regarding the Islamic center in New York. New SRBI poll stating 61% of Americans oppose the construction of the center. Almost twice as residents said the development would be an insult to victims of 9 / 11 than the symbol of religious tolerance. Time poll found that 25% of residents say most Muslims in the United States is not patriotic. However, surveys showed public opposition to development centers may be more complicated than simply anti-Muslim sentiment. In contrast 55% said they accept the Muslim community centers and places of worship are two blocks from their own homes. Obama's real father named Barack Hussein Obama is an African citizen of Kenya. Meanwhile, his stepfather, Lolo Soetoro, originating from East Java. Neither father nor stepfather Obama adherents of Islam. Obama's mother was Stanley Ann Dunham, a white woman