Majalah Gratis

Berikut adalah daftar majalah gratis yang tersedia sampai saat halaman ini kami buat, masih menerima pendaftar asal Indonesia

NASA Tech Briefs

Features exclusive reports of innovations developed by NASA and its industry partners/contractors that can be applied to develop new/improved products and solve engineering or manu…..

Oracle Magazine

Contains technology strategy articles, sample code, tips, Oracle and partner news, how to articles for developers and DBAs, and more.

Global Finance

Has been providing monthly news and analysis since 1987 about companies and financial institutions that do business around the world.

Nature Biotechnology

Devotes pages specifically to in-depth analysis of issues concerning biotechnology intellectual property case law and policy, together with breaking news on patents.

Nature Reviews Drug Discovery

Publishes the highest-quality reviews and perspectives plus news stories and features that investigate key issues in drug discovery.

Poultry International

Brings you every month the latest on poultry processing and marketing topics from breeding through further processing and marketing.

Power Engineering International

Provides articles on new technologies and installations as well as market reports, news, commentary and analysis.

Rotor & Wing

Provides the helicopter industry’s best coverage of military, commercial and public service helicopter operations.

Modern Plastics Worldwide

Is the only plastics publication dedicated to covering global business management issues, key technologies, and the latest manufacturing management trends for the international pla…..

Machine Automation Insights

Present the various automation trends that impact packaging machinery.

Microwave Engineering Europe

Is the leading journal for microwave and RF engineering professionals in Europe.

Aerospace Manufacturing and Design

Provides up-to-date information on the latest developments in materials, manufacturing processes, and design principals for the machining and assembly of components in today’s fast…..

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Is the only publication devoted exclusively to drug manufacturing and scaleup, is dedicated to sharing best practices that will help drug industry professionals.

Advanced Imaging

Is published eleven times a year, serving approximately 40,000 imaging professionals in fields ranging in industry from medicine to arts and sciences to broadcasting and media.


Avionics magazine covers all segments of the worldwide aviation electronics industry, including commercial transport, military/space, corporate aircraft, helicopter and general avi…..

Water & Wastewater International

Provides practical knowledge and insight that saves time and money for water system operators, wastewater engineers and other professionals in the water and wastewater industry.

Egg Industry Company

is published 12 times annually covering the egg industry, worldwide.

Optics & Laser Europe

Is a technology-transfer magazine for the European optics industry.

License Global

Is the only source for trends in merchandising for consumer-based products.

Pig International

Brings you every month reports on current worldwide topics and latest product & marketing news in the Pig Industry.

Via Satellite

Is the industry’s leading magazine, keeps its subscribers “in the know” by providing essential news and analysis on the global commercial communications satellite industry, includi…..

Microwave Journal

Provides design, application and product information about devices, components, subsystems and system technology, as well as theory, practical uses, applications and industry news.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Is the leading mid-market monthly corporate finance publication in the UK.

Gear Solutions

Presents a level playing field on which any company or organization from large to small can contribute its expertise, through a variety of formats.

Mission Critical

Is issued every month to provide you with practical solutions to all manner of issues facing the data center designer, manager, owner and operator.

Marine Log

Dedicated to providing marine industry professionals with the information they need to enable them to design, build and operate vessels, rigs and offshore structures, profitably, s…..

Packaging Automation

Presents automation strategies for packaging machines.

Information Age

Is the UK’s leading IT in business magazine, for all those involved in setting IT strategy or influencing strategic IT purchasing.

Communications Technology

Is a monthly global resource that provides broadband engineering executives and managers with reliable information on technology trends, strategy, implementation and best practices…..

Microwave Product Digest

Is the premier new product magazine devoted to information on components, equipment and subsystems for the RF, microwave and wireless industries.

Aviation Maintenance - General Edition

Is the number-one source for information on the worldwide aviation aftermarket.

LCGC Asia Pacific

Unites a diverse audience of scientists by providing information that has direct impact on their analytical proficiency and productivity.

Petfood Industry

Is a monthly magazine serving individuals and firms involved with manufacturing pet food for the retail markets worldwide.

Laser Focus World

Optics, electro-optics and optoelectronics. Covers the full spectrum of electro-optics applications.

Metal Finishing

Provides information on emerging technologies and new products; technical papers; and the latest news impacting the finishing and coatings industries and your business.

Diesel & Gas Turbine Worldwide

Is the Marine & Stationary Power Authority, covering the markets, products, technology and industry news of the large piston engine and gas turbine industries.

Oil, Gas & Petrochem Equipment

Announces more new equipment, products, systems, services, and technologies than any other oil industry magazine each month.

Processing & Control News Europe

Covers every aspect of process engineering including process and plant design, plant operation & quality control, maintenance, energy and more.

Processing Magazine

Is recognized across the process industries as the leading source for up-to-date product and equipment solutions.

Speech Technology Magazine

Is recognized worldwide as the leading source of information on products, services and technology related to the speech technology industry.

Chemical Processing

Is the only magazine that focuses exclusively on chemical manufacturing and its complexities.

Global Packaging Minute

Presents packaging news from around the world.

Global Pensions

With a combination of round table discussions, regular supplements and conferences added to its editorial strength, Global Pensions truly offers a unique forum for discussion for t…..

E&P (Hart’s E&P)

Covers the latest data and analysis on exploration & reservoir characterization, well construction, production optimization, marine technology and operations, IT, and industry news…..

ICFA - International Custody & Fund Administration

ICFA provides a concise information source and guide to the industry on an international scale mapping out the trends, profiling the markets, investigating the business processes a…..

Oil & Gas Financial Journal

Provides petroleum industry managers, analysts and investors credible, useful information about the most important financial developments and oil exploration of their business.

Control Design

Is dedicated to the special information needs of industrial machine builders.


Is the business magazine for a new generation of power industry leaders.

Feed International

Is a business journal for people involved in the feed industry internationally.

Managed Care

Has a mission to advise managed markets physicians, pharmacists, and executives on the integration of the business and medical aspects of the rapidly changing managed care market.


Is a monthly Journal for Pharmacy and Therapeutics decision makers.

Plant Services

Reaches over 35,000 medium to large plants across all U.S. processing and durable goods industries, including utilities and power generation facilities.

Secure Destruction Business

Magazine is dedicated to the rapidly developing business of the secure storage and destruction of documents, information and goods.

Clinical Laboratory International

Is the leading clinical lab magazine internationally and is crammed with information of direct relevance to everyone working in clinical and blood bank laboratories.

Asia Electronics Industry

Delivers reviews of hot technologies affecting the electronics industry in Asian countries as well as how these companies are improving productivity and quality.


Serves the information needs of engineering, operations and management personnel in the process automation industries.

Diesel Progress International Edition

Covers the products, technology and industry news of the engine-powered equipment and component markets in the on-highway, off-highway, stationary and marine industries.


The most authoritative technical voice in electronic design.

Food Processing

Pursues the issues that impact the product development and production teams the most, notably; new product development, removing costs from the process and critical issues.

Industrial Laser Solutions for Manufacturing

The authoritative source of timely information on how lasers are being used and will be used in manufacturing.

Microwaves & RF

Dedicated to educating senior-level design engineers and engineering managers who work on all types of RF and microwave systems, subsystems and components.

Aviation Maintenance - Commercial Edition

Is the number-one source for information on the worldwide aviation aftermarket.

Biotechnology Healthcare

Features the impact of biologics on health, business and benefits, delivering high interest articles and features developed through original research and writing.

Compound Semiconductor

Delivers unrivalled coverage of GaAs and III-V integrated circuits, LEDs, telecoms components and wide-bandgap semiconductors.

International Hospital Equipment & Solutions

Is the leading international magazine for healthcare decision makers.


Is the only complete source of industry news, statistics, trends, in-depth features, new products and more.

Beverage World

Serves beverage marketers, producers and distributors with the news, insight, innovation and analysis they need to better their businesses.

Clean Rooms

Services in the design, construction, operation and maintenance of cleanrooms and contamination control systems.

Material Handling Product News

Is a comprehensive bimonthly look at the latest solutions from vendors large and small, established and starting up.


Each issue offers unbiased and in-depth coverage of the issues affecting the shipping industry world-wide.