FreeWave Technologies introduces 2.4 GHz Cathodic Protection Radio

FreeWave Technologies has announced the newest addition to its family of Cathodic Protection (CP) radios for automated pipeline integrity monitoring. The new IMCP 2.4 GHz is a pipeline integrity and cathodic protection radio that communicates at 2.4 GHz and complements the company's previously released 900 MHz versions. According to FreeWave, the new radio has application potential in nearly every market in the world. The IMCP 2.4 GHz radio offers monitoring and reporting of operational values of pipelines, storage tanks, structures and other equipment or facilities subject to environmental corrosion. The IMCP 2.4 GHz also is ideal for pipeline and storage tank companies wishing to extend their investment in remote telemetry automation to cathodic protection.

The IMCP product from FreeWave currently is available as a radio only with a turnkey line marker kit option in development. The radio is a multi-purpose, spread spectrum, board-level product with specific inputs and outputs for automated monitoring of pipeline integrity. In the corrosion prevention industry, the IMCP 2.4 GHz monitors pipe-to-soil test stations, rectifier stations, critical bonds, interference points, pipeline pressure stations and pipeline scrubbing stations, for example. Benefits include safeguarding oil and gas pipelines in gathering systems, transmission lines and/or distributions lines. Benefits extend to municipal water and waste water systems by automating the remote monitoring of critical pipes and culverts to help prevent corrosion that can lead to leaks, groundwater contamination and other such adverse scenarios affecting overall water quality, supply and/or public safety - even cataclysmic main failures and the sometimes resultant infrastructure messes.

The CP systems from FreeWave can be deployed as standalone communications networks. They also can seamlessly be integrated into an existing FreeWave network. For example, where a FreeWave network already exists, such as in a natural gas field, the CP systems can be positioned on the gathering system pipeline and linked back to the host via the existing network. They are easy to install and can bring data into the network nearly immediately and without monthly service charges.

"A key building block to a cost effective, pipeline integrity, corrosion protection program is vital, timely monitoring and reporting of cathodic protection data. With the IMCP 2.4 GHz, data can be reported from remote corrosion protection field sites to a centralized data collection system that integrates with an automated regulatory reporting system," explained Colin Lippincott, FreeWave spokesperson. "FreeWave's new IMCP 2.4 GHz cathodic protection monitoring radio connects directly into field assets and feeds critical pipeline information into existing company data systems without going outside the company's firewall security protection - an important criteria our customers continue to request."

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